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HOC Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Guidelines


(click here to read the full HSE and Quality guidelines)







Since 1986, House of Chemicals (HOC), founded by Mr. Narendra Pandya, is a leading distributor of specialty & commodity chemicals focused on contributing to our customer’s and supplier’s success, worldwide.
We are a key suppliers specifically for Oil Drilling, Refineries, Gas Plants, Lubricant Plants, Water Treatement for Desalination Plants, RO PLants and Sewage treatement. We supply various raw materials to companies who are producing specialy chemicals like Nalco/Emochem, GE Batez, Shell, Baker Petrolite , veolia, all lubricant manufacturers and other industries.


The HOC Advantage:

  • High Quality products.
  • Large storage facilities.
  • Reliable & Just-In-Time delivery.
  • Cost effective & competitive pricing.
  • Long term partnerships & price agreements.
  • Exclusive distribution rights and swift registration of products with end-users.


Mission & Objective


Our mission is to retain market leadership in our field and direct all our energies towards this goal. Driven by innovative & collaborative business processes, our organization strives to maintain:

  • Business Ethics.
  • Highly motivated employees.
  • A values-based organization .
  • Surpassing customer's needs and earning their admiration.
  • A strong knowledge base of new technologies and markets.


We will continue to demonstrate finesse in business by treating our customers, suppliers and colleagues with the utmost respect .


Our vision


Our vision is to build a high performance work force that settles for nothing but the best . We belive this outlook is what guarantees superior product quality, customer service, an value for our stakeholders.




HOC has several state-of-art covered warehouses in various locations including bulk storage tanks for solvents along with automated handling equipment and specialized equipment for handling hazardous chemicals. The large and spacious warehouse enable us to stock large quantities for our valued customers.




HOC has bulk chemical storage facilities in excess of 300,00 sq.ft located in :






HOC has a fleet of chemical tankers,trailer , heavy and light vehicles to provide Just-in-Time deliveries.


Providing a buffer stock to maintain an additional level of inventory to meet the urgent order of customers.


Our logistics team consist of highly motivated and experienced personal , handling over 280 containers per month, ensuring all documentation and shipping needs are meet in the most efficient and professional manner.


Our services Include :

Synchronizing with suppliers to ensure timely shipments

Ensure documentation is in accordance with the clients requirements.

Offering a fully integrated tracking system, from the time the order is placed till the final delivery




HOC Values


We ensure our people are well equipped with a high degree of knowledge and competence required in order to with rapidly advancing technology.




  • Adherence to the highest ethical standards.
  • Strict compliance with all local, federal and international laws and regulations,
  • Unwavering efforts towards the highest quality in all areas.
  • Indisputable respect for safety, health and the environment.




  • Open, honest, transparent and trustworthy.
  • Listen and learn from each other, our customer and the outside world.
  • Share our learing generously.




  • We work urgently and intensely to create ways to bring added value to our customers.
  • Open new markets for our products. We continuously improve by understanding success and failures.




  • To be the best , we strive for excellence in our endeavors.
  • Listen to our customers, suppliers and markets.
  • Compete aggressively to exceed their expectations using teamwork, leadership and self-confidence.




  • We have a long-standing commitment to comply with the law wherever we operate and to conduct all business activities with the highest ethical standards. Upholding this commitement is critical for our continued success in the global marketplace.




  • Reliability is our strength . HOC is known as a " Brand of Trust ".